Past Conferences

Past Conferences:

The 2017 Conference Presentations are online

PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT ASSOCIATION OF NEW MEXICO                                  Conference: What’s next for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

A conference dedicated to the memory of Dr. Peter Lindberg                                                                                   Saturday, November 4, 2017

                                   WelcomePCSA –Steve Denning, Board Chairman                                             History of Prostate Diagnosis and Treatment to date                                             Dr. Grollman       (Albuquerque Urology Associates)                                                      Current scanning tools Dr. Eberhardt (UNM )                                                                          The Key to Prostate Cancer Dr. Scholz                                                                              (Prostate Oncology Specialists)

Risk Assessment Panel  4 current testing reps 8- 10 min presentations each,  then questions from panel moderator &/or floor

4K test – Bioreference Laboratories –  Dr. Mathur                                                    Prolaris – Myriad Genetics- Dr. Stone                                                                         ProstateNext – Ambry Genetics-  Brooke Overstreet                                              OncotypeDX – Genomic Health –Dr. Denes

Initial Treatments, Urology– Dr. Geswaldo (Pres. Health Services, Urology)                                 Initial Treatments Radiology-  Dr. Gopal (Pres./MD Andersen Cancer Center)                                Advanced PCa Treatments– Dr. Avitia (NM Cancer Center)                                               What’s next?-  Dr. Schroeder (UNM Cancer Center)

 Thanks to all the Exhibitors

  • AccumetRx/Urology Group of New Mexico
  • Albuquerque Urology Associates
  • Bayer
  • Cancer Center at Presbyterian 
  • Genomic Health 
  • Janssen Biotech (Zytiga)
  • Medivation Inc.  (Xtandi)
  • New Mexico Cancer Center
  • Santa Fe Radiology
  • UNM Cancer Center
  • American Cancer Society
  • Cancer Services of New Mexico




Our November 5, 2016   Making the Best of a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Conference    was great

The schedule with abstracts and bios. conference-program

The plaque we presented to the Lindberg Family


  This is the Video Tribute we showed pcsanm-tribute-to-dr-lindberg

Here is the link to the photo book we gave the family, It had many other pictures in it             Family Photo Book


Dr-Schroeder                Does PSA Testing result in Overtreatment?

Dr-Guo    Sexual Dysfunction after Prostate Cancer Treatments

Dr-Grollman     Erectile Dysfunction and Urinary Problems after your Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

Dr-Pugach         HIFU   A new treatment for Localized PCA




Here are the slide show presentations  from our 2015 conference in pdf.

Lou Reimer intro and info

         Quiz of Basic Knowledge ppt    Jerry Cross  40+ page presentation

  Basic Knowledge Quiz in Word     4 page text version of questions and answers

Dr. Tom Schroeder

Dr. Larry Massie

Dr. Margaret Gallegos

Bernadette Greenwood