The prostate is a small gland
In the pelvis found only in men,
Size of a satsuma orange
So read this poem and then.

You’ll understand its function
And things that can go wrong,
Early detection is important
So this is to help you along.

Found between penis & bladder
Surrounds the urethra now then,
Main function of prostate is to help
In the production of semen.

Causes of prostate cancer
Are largely still unknown,
Some things can increase your risk
But you are not alone.

Prostate cancer is the most
Common cancer in men in UK,
With over 40,000 new cases
Diagnosed every year okay!

Chances of developing this cancer
Increase with age and so,
Most cases develop in men aged 50
Or older so now you know.

For reasons not yet understood
This cancer more common in gent,
Of African-Caribbean or African
And less common in Asian descent.

Men with a father or brother
Affected by prostate cancer,
Are also at slightly increased risk
So I say! Don’t be a chancer.

If you are over 50 please click
On link below I implore,
Will take you to NHS website
Where you’ll find out much more.

William Mckechnie alias Wild Bill Entertainer

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