Organization Description

If you  have Prostate Cancer (PCa) and if you need support; the PCSANM helps all interested individuals, and their families who are involved in fighting this disease.

Services include:

  • Providing publications and other reading materials on a wide variety of PC subjects from our PCSANM office including new member folders
  • A Buddy List of people to call and discuss their treatment experience and side effects
  • Bi-monthly support meetings  including presentations by Medical professionals expert in PC and related topics
  • Outreach activities at conferences, health fairs, speaking to organizations, and helping to support and sponsor PSA screening events.

We offer education, information, and support, but not medical advice.

2018 Annual Review from Steve Denning

For an organization made up of only volunteers and one part time staffer we’ve done quite a lot this year.

 This year we held 22 regular bimonthly meetings and 17 of those had live presenters.  Many of you have benefitted from the knowledge we all gain through these presentations.  And more importantly the lives we touch by getting together to help each other through our prostate cancer journey.  Thank you to the regular attendees.

 Our conference, Living and Thriving with PCa was another success despite a few obstacles.  It was a little different this year with a theme that didn’t stress medical advances and treatments.  But I think the attendees gained knowledge that really helps with day to day issues.  We are already thinking about our next conference and welcome your input about the direction it should take.

 We’ve made several presentations to civic, medical, and business organizations in an effort to promote early detection through PSA screening to groups like Kiwanis, Associated General Contractors, Ventinilla de Salud of the UNM Cancer Center, and to a region of the Association of Nurse Practitioners.  We are hosting the next meeting of region 2 NPs and will make a presentation to help them better serve Northern New Mexico.

 We recently produced our next iteration of the spot running on KNME.  It was designed to stress the importance of our 1 on 1 consultation efforts.

 I’m particularly proud of our revamped web site.  It looks fresh, inviting and most importantly – professional.

 Of course we continue to attend as many health fairs as possible.  Through these attendances we are able to have meaningful conversations with men and their families that might not otherwise find us.  Some of the  places we’ve exhibited include the Senior Olympics, Lovelace Senior Summits, Prime Time Expo, the Social Workers of NM Conference, and the Family Cancer Retreat. 

 We also participated in a joint conference with Cancer Support Now and GCAP in the spring.  Attendance was disappointing but we did help cement our ties with our sister cancer support groups.

 But the most important thing we did this year was field over 90 calls from newly diagnosed men and their families.  Many of those calls resulted in one on one consultations and I hope better outcomes.  The people we meet with leave much better informed and appear grateful that we were there to help them with a difficult decision.  This part of the work is the most gratifying and is what keeps all of us getting together.  The key word in our name is support and that’s what I’d like to think what we are good at.

 I’d like to acknowledge the people who have worked the hardest for the organization.

 Even though she couldn’t attend today I don’t know where we would be without the presence and efforts of Ann Weinberg.  She has become the voice and ear of the organization.  It’s amazing how much she has done this year with organizing speaking opportunities, making phone calls on behalf of the group, logging and evaluating our efforts, and  being there to listen to us old fogeys recount our years of experiences.  She has been the most important addition to our organization. And she would never forgive me if I didn’t make known her real title – Program Manager.  That should tell you what direction she wants to take us.

 This year we’ve seen new blood in the organization and added one new board member, Phil York.  Phil is particularly enthusiastic about spreading the word.  He’s a great addition to the board.

 We’ve also seen an uptick in the volunteerism, particularly by Kevin O’Riley who brings vast knowledge of the medical infrastructure.

 Rod Geer was voted into the vice chairman position and has graciously accepted.  You may not know that the television spot airing on KNME is due to Rod’s efforts.  We’ve seen a definite uptick in the number of calls we get as a result.

 What can I say about Jerry Cross.  He is the force behind our social media effort and of course the newsletter.  He researched and organized the revamp of our web page.  So much of our visual and informational presence is through his efforts.

 Jan Marfyak is the senior member of our group as well as the secretary.  His years of public service and specifically service to the Prostate Cancer community brings special insight to our board meetings.  It’s never a dull meeting, let me tell you.

 Charles Rowland, our treasurer, is the spark that keeps the organization looking forward.  Over the last year he has generated new ideas for us to pursue and lately he has been working tirelessly to help us get our books up to date so that we can look forward to seeking new funding for next year’s efforts.

 Eli Maestas brings enthusiasm and a unique perspective to our board.  When he’s not travelling he is an eager volunteer to man a table at a health fair and he is learning the ropes to support Charles in the treasurer position.

 Dave Ball is our voice of reason on the board.  When we are discussing issues or actions that we are going to take he always inserts a comment that gives us pause and makes us reflect on it’s affect on reality.  He is also the organizer of our newsletter mailing parties.  It takes quite a bit of effort to send out 900+ newsletters.

 Lou Reimer, what can I say.  Even though he turned over the chairmanship a few years back he continues to be the glue that holds us together.  His knowledge of prostate cancer issues makes him the go to for what’s happening in the field to who we should invite to our meetings.  He single handedly invited the 17 presenters we had for our bimonthly Saturday sessions and the 8 presenters plus moderators at our annual conference.  And personally, he keeps me on my toes with reminder calls and ideas.  If anyone embodies the spirit and purpose of the organization it is Lou.

 And that’s what 2018 was all about.

Steve Denning

PCSANM Chairman