Our 12th annual conference was a success!

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2023 Annual Conference 

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Topics Included:

 Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Staging
Dr. Damara Kaplan, Urologist, New Mexico Cancer Center

  • PSA, DRE, biopsy and Gleason score
  • Scans- MRI, CT, PSMA, bone and others
  • Criteria for grade groups and risk groups


Dr. Ramesh Gopal, Radiation Oncologist, University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center 

  • Use of grade/risk groups to determine appropriate treatment
  • Treatment options, including active surveillance, surgery (open radical, robotic laproscopic), radiation (EBRT, SBRT, brachy)
  • Other local treatments (laser, HIFU, cryotherapy)

Advanced and Recurrent Prostate Cancer

Dr. Neda Hashemi, Medical Oncologist, University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • Appropriate scans- PET/CT, PSMA, Axumin and others- to determine location of cancer
  • ADT- testosterone blockers, first line (Lupron, Zoladex, Eligard, Firmagon) and second line (Zytiga/abiraterone)
  • Testosterone absorption blockers- Casodex, Flutamide, Xtandi, Erleada, Nubeqa
  • Role for radiation and Xofigo
  • Role for Provenge and immunotherapy
  • Chemo
  • Genetic testing 

Importance of Biomarkers in Cancer Care

Lora A. Wilson, PhD, Director Genitourinary Oncology Therapies, Pfizer

  • Introduction to precision medicine and biomarker testing
  • Biomarker testing pathways and barriers
  • Biomarker testing modalities
  • Actionable biomarkers in clinical practice: prostate cancer


Conference Presenters

Damara Kaplan, PhD, MD

New Mexico Cancer Center


Ramesh Gopal, MD, PhD

Radiation Oncologist
UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center


Neda Hashemi, MD

Medical Oncologist
UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center

Lora A. Wilson, PhD

Director Genitourinary Oncology Therapies

Presenter Bios

Damara Kaplan, PhD, MD, has become the first female president of the American Association of Clinical Urologists. She is the first New Mexican physician to hold the position in more than 30 years. The AACU was established in 1968 to provide information about the socioeconomic and political issues that affect the urology profession and to directly influence the resolution of those issues by facilitating one-on-one communication between physicians and legislators in order to improve patient care.

Ramesh Gopal, MD, PhD, received his medical degree from Grant Medical College in India and a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology and Biological Chemistry from Northwestern University in Chicago. He completed a residency in Radiation Oncology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and is Board Certified in Radiation Oncology. He was previously with MD Anderson at Presbyterian in Albuquerque but moved to the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center in 2023 where he holds the rank of Associate Professor. Dr Gopal treats all sites but has a particular interest in prostate, breast and thoracic cancers. He believes that new advances in radiation oncology have given us the tools to treat tumors with unprecedented accuracy, improving outcomes and reducing side-effects.

Neda Hashemi, MD, is an Assistant Professor in the department of Internal Medicine, Division of Hematology and Oncology and a board-certified practicing medical oncologist with a specialty focus in management of genitourinary cancers at the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center (UNM CCC). She leads the genitourinary working group and is actively involved in the conduct of clinical trials. Dr. Hashemi holds several other roles, including chair for the UNM CCC Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee and the NCI Prostate Cancer Task Force NCORP representative member. 


Lora Aneka Wilson, PhDreceived her PhD from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. She was the Director of Laboratory Operations researching novel molecular based therapies for pancreatic cancer as part of the Division of Medical Oncology. Lora joined Pfizer in 2014 and is a Field Medical Director. She provides medical support for Pfizer’s genitourinary therapies which include therapies for bladder, kidney, and prostate cancer.