The Board of Directors   has just hired an Office Administrative Assistant.  She  started work on March 1.  We will keep the office, and our Library, open 4 days a week,   Mondays thru Thursdays, excluding holidays, from 10 am to 2 pm.  She will handle the day to day office duties, phone, emails, library, referrals, etc.

If a newly diagnosed person, or a member, comes in for information or guidance, she will call the Board Member on call that week to set up an appointment to visit or call that person. Hopefully this will give the Board more time for Outreach activities and other duties.

Her name is Ann Weinberg.  She has a strong background in government and social service work. She has 2 children, her husband works for   a family foundation, and she also volunteers with  a Hospice group.

Come in for our expanded hours to say hello or use the Library.